Upcoming Women Workers Rising Actions

Feb 3, 12pm: Gov Cuomo’s NYC Office LIVE NOW:
NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams; Playwright/Founder of V-Day/One Billion Rising Eve Ensler; Actress Carmen LoBue; Social Justice Artist Taína Asili; Actress, Producer, and Writer Alysia Rainer; and the Resistance Revival Chorus will be joining One Fair Wage members and allies in demanding #1FairWage and safe and dignified workplaces for all!
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Feb 13, 3:30pm: Philadelphia City Hall
Feb 24, 4pm: Albany – Capitol Building Concourse



Women Workers Rising is a coalition-led initiative calling for broad-based solidarity with women workers who are fighting for an end to workplace violence and harassment and to promote pay equity, one fair living wage, paid leave, and labor rights at work. On March 8th, working women from multiple sectors rallied at United States Department of Labor in a show of unity, demanding that women workers be seen, heard, and treated with dignity, especially by the new presidential administration and Department of Labor leadership. The energetic and artistic event gave birth to the ongoing Women Workers Rising initiative dedicated to amplifying our demands for dignity, equality, respect and workplaces free from violence.



Sexual harassment and violence against women workers (cis, transgender, and gender non-conforming), takes place every day at workplaces across the country, in every occupation and industry. From restaurant workers, teachers, retail workers, domestic workers, and at-home mothers to nurses, farmworkers, factory workers, workers with disabilities, federal workers, actors, office workers, company executives, and more, workplace violence is part of making a living for many women. In many cases, women don’t or can’t speak out or seek justice for fear of losing their jobs. All of this is happening in a global economic reality where it is increasingly difficult for women to earn a livable wage.

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