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NEW YORK, NYOn Monday, February 3rd, in response to Governor Cuomo’s New Year’s Eve announcement that he would enact One Fair Wage – a full minimum wage with tips on top – for all tipped workers except restaurant workers, women restaurant workers and their allies will stage a mass public self-defense training in front of the Governor’s office in New York City to raise awareness of the problems resulting from the tipped minimum wage exception on restaurant workers, who face the highest levels of sexual harassment in any industry. Recent polling has demonstrated that the vast majority of New York State tipped workers support the One Fair Wage proposal.

Given that New York State’s subminimum wage for tipped workers results in a 70% female workforce having to tolerate the highest rates of sexual harassment of any industry in order to feed their families in tips, women in the restaurant industry are demanding to be included in the One Fair Wage executive action. As long as they have a subminimum wage, they must learn to defend themselves from sexual violence in the workplace in order earn a living in tips.

ALBANY, NYOn Monday, February 24th, One Fair Wage, One Billion Rising, New York State Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz, chef/activist Breanne Delgado, social justice musician Taína Asili, and women restaurant workers catalyzed the pressure by having a public self-defense training in front of the Legislative Office Building in Albany to raise awareness of the problems resulting from the tipped minimum wage exception to restaurant workers.


Albany and New York were just the beginning!

More action events that center the needs and voices of women workers are being planned!

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‘Women Workers Rising’ is a campaign organized by One Fair Wage and One Billion Rising together with a coalition of women’s activists and groups. ‘Women Workers Rising’ is also the latest action event coming out of the campaign. ‘Women Workers Rising’ is built on the foundation that the fight for women’s rights must center the needs and voices of women workers, and that the labor movement must center the needs and voices of women in their workplaces, associations, and unions especially women of color, immigrant women, and undocumented women.

Women Workers Rising action events joins the thousands of One Billion Rising creative resistance actions taking place throughout the US and the world, where women are rising up on the stage, in the streets, and in front of government offices, to demand changes in the policies and culture that sustain violence and inequality.



Sexual harassment and violence against women workers (cis, transgender, and gender non-conforming), takes place every day at workplaces across the country, in every occupation and industry. From restaurant workers, teachers, retail workers, domestic workers, and at-home mothers to nurses, farmworkers, factory workers, workers with disabilities, federal workers, actors, office workers, company executives, and more, workplace violence is part of making a living for many women. In many cases, women don’t or can’t speak out or seek justice for fear of losing their jobs. All of this is happening in a global economic reality where it is increasingly difficult for women to earn a livable wage.

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